Swedish guys



Swedes are tireless planners. For peace of mind, it is important to be prepared for the situation and know in advance to small details what will happen. Vacations are planned for six months, parties - for a month or two. Almost any planning company spends most of its working time. If you call the Swede to visit only in a couple of days, then he is likely to refuse. A visit to her grandmother in Malmö or a trip to the veterinarian with a cat was scheduled five weeks ago, and it cannot be rescheduled: the grandmother and the cat will not understand. You can get acquainted with Swedish guys  on dating sites.

The northern climate and long months without sun do their job: the Swedes are obsessed with staying in the open air and preferably in the sun. From mid-spring to the beginning of autumn, the Swedes are not lured into the room, as long as it does not rain with hail on the street. As soon as the May sun looks insecure, there is nowhere to fall on the lawns of the apple - they have already been occupied by blessed Swedes in shorts and T-shirts with picnic kits. It is not a sin to ask for a job about this: who knows, suddenly this is the last sunny day of the year?

Only something extraordinary will force the Swede to talk to a stranger on the street. Unless the phone breaks or GPS fails. Or all acquaintances who can be asked will be out of access. It is not easy for pathologically polite Swedes to cross the boundaries of someone else's personal space. A win-win strategy is to talk to the Swede first, friendly and respectfully observing the distance.

"Fika" - this word is given in sweet awe in any Swedish heart. The meaning of "fiki" (from the word "coffee," in which syllables changed places) is to drink coffee and communicate, as well as absorb favorite cinnamon buns, cookies and all sorts of things. This is certainly done in the company.